My First Amazon Sale!

This past weekend I had my first Amazon sale! To understand what that means I need to share the very beginning of my eCommerce learning curve.

The earliest stages of eCommerce involve learning to sell on eBay and or Amazon. Some people have sold on eBay off and on for years. So this is an easy transition for them. In my own case, I had tried to sell my family history book a number of years ago, and it did not sell, so I gave up.

Well… I did cross-link my eBay items on Bonanza, and one item sold there.

But last year I tried again, with about 8 or 10 items to begin with, and it was slow going. Then I heard that eBay is like doing garage sale-ing compared to Amazon where things go highway-fast and you need to behave in a more professional manner. Sales can happen in fast multiples! So… I talked to my brother who has a collection of models he’d like to sell. He’s stuck in a wheelchair and technical stuff zooms over his head. He thought about it a while, and then agreed to let me try this.

I had not really thought through the fact that the commitment I’d made to write a history book for a non-profit ministry was going to eat so much of my time this year. So after a few weeks I said to my brother that I would have to give this up until my book project was done. However, I’d leave up on eBay and Amazon his items that I had listed.

Then I just sort of ignored my eCommerce Learning Curve for a few months. I almost forgot those items.

Then, out of the blue on Saturday I got an amazon email saying, “You made a sale! Here’s your next steps. . ..” Wow, my first Amazon sale!

Fortunately their instructions were easy.


What sold was a small red diecast model Ford Galaxie 500. I packed it up. Printed out the mailing label, and taped it over the box.

Sunday after church I took it to a postal outlet and sent it off. (Though I knew it wouldn’t really get on the way until early Monday morning). The next step was to report it as shipped to Amazon. I guess I can go back again and thank the customer… but this is not that hard.

Besides, I’ve learned in the meantime, more about how to use social media to advertise and alert people to the items for sale. I will certainly do more of that once I have more time for it.

Hey, I’ve made my first Amazon sale! and that without advertising… When I can dedicate more time and use that marketing information, I should do much better and keep climbing steadily on my eCommerce Learning Curve.

Say… if you are ready (and have the time) to start on your own eCommerce Learning Curve, I recommend you see this video to see what it would take and what tools are available to you HERE

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