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Draw Visitors, Traffic, or Leads, in 4 Ways

draw visitors, traffic, or leads

If you don’t learn how to draw visitors, traffic, or leads to your content, – even though you build dozens of websites, and post several times a day to your blog(s), it will all do you no good unless the people actually show up and read and interact with what you’ve written, or the images you’ve created.[Note: we use those three words almost interchangeably, visitors, traffic, or leads].

Using Social Media

Some people like to increase their social media contacts and announce their new posts there, inviting them to come see what they have written. This is an excellent free method to draw visitors, traffic, or leads – readers to their information content. But it is also time-consuming. You need good social media skills and hours to spend there. At least at first to get traffic.

Once you have worked this into a routine it may not be so unpleasant. Especially if you are naturally a social butterfly. If not, you may want to hire someone who enjoys this work and can get the word out for you to draw in visitors.

Make sure though, that this delegated or hired person understands your goals and how to write like you (or a bit better), so as to get your messages clearly across, and to draw in online visitors, traffic, or leads. Those prized leads, which may turn into customers, or downline members.

Search Engine Optimization

There are other methods that are not quite so labour-intensive. For instance, with search-engine-optimization (SEO), you need to learn to make a habit of working in good description and keywords as you write you webpage or blog posts, and into your meta tags. Although the search engines can be aware of your new content shortly after you have published it, generally the traffic coming through this gate may be slow at first, and then build up to a stead stream of visitors. If your article is ‘Evergreen’ – that is, true and useful over a long time, it will bring you visitors and traffic for years to come!

You can install the Yoast SEO plugin too, which will help you with these meta details.

It would be wise to do these SEO steps habitually for the long range benefits. Otherwise, it’s best to just focus on one other traffic-building method at a time. If something really doesn’t help you, or suit you, try the next one. Some report great results on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. (By the way, there are excellent training videos on each of these in MLSP link:).

The next thing to do would be, to use the social media platform you know and love best, (or learn to understand the basics of the social media platforms), and see how well you can use them to bring visitors to your site or blog without any cost.(Always abiding by their rules).

Some online marketers brag that they never have to pay a cent for their traffic! They do it all by understanding social media moves and using them to their advantage.

Personally, I’m not that media savvy yet, but it’s because I’ve been too busy with writing projects. I really do intend to give social media a big try once I’ve finished my current book project. But I can see where I may end up delegating that work.

We can compare notes if we are both on this learning curve at the same time, trying to draw in visitors, or traffic.

Link Visitors, Traffic, or Leads from Funnel to List

By the way, don’t forget to link your funnel form to your mailing list, set up at your autoresponder service (I recommend Trafficwave), so that everyone who enters an email address in your funnel will be on your mailing list, where you can continue to communicate with them all, when you send out your automated series, and your broadcast emails.

Create Videos to Draw in Visitors

One more mostly free method of traffic generation is videos! I plan to be learning that this year yet. All it takes is a smart phone with video to use Facebook Live, and a Youtube channel is free as well. So I see it mainly as a problem of learning how to do videos well and uploading them. They may not market themselves, but they are said to increase your traffic and reach of influence by about 10 times! (You’ll hear more about this from me once I start learning this method).

Remember, we are not just trying to get people to see our blog posts or info-rich web pages, but also to our Capture pages where we can get their email added to our mailing list, and send them on to our coded program or product link – so they might be our next downline member, or customer! All these traffic-generating methods can be used to funnel them in to whatever link we want to bring them in right now.

Yes, of course, we can have countless fishing lines in the waters to any number of capture pages, blog posts, or product pages. Just don’t scatter yourself in too many directions at the beginning. You might end up not doing anything well. (Or, you may do your best but get little traffic).

Paid Ads; Last Resort, or Speedy Success?

As a last resort, unless you can well afford it right from the starting gate, it may be time to invest in paid ads, and let those specially designed “Engines” bring in trainloads of traffic, or leads.

There are those who swear by Facebook ads. They are not too expensive, and they allow you to refine and describe exactly the type of people you want your ad shown to. Learn to play this game well, and you may not need traffic from any other source.

Depending on your advertizing budget, you can also place Adwords with Google, and with other ad networks.

Obviously, friend, the greater wisdom lies in trying the free traffic-generating methods first, and only use the methods that cost you when necessary, or if you can afford to hurry things up.

Are you biting your nails now? What to do with all these visitors, traffic, or leads, our mailing list signups?

Well, here’s where we start building friendships through our mailing lists, and we start influencing our new friends! We want to help them to make money too! Because when they make money, you and I do too. You understand the compensation plan, right?

Watch for the next article in this series!That’s when you’ll learn how to turn these leads into friends and devoted followers. And, of course, good Customers too!

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