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Okay, I’m still looking for the right words to describe myself when people want to get to know me better. I’m doing this for the benefit of such readers as those who think they are not tough enough, or strong enough to be an online business owner. Let’s just look at some characteristics that might make it appear you are incapable, but which have actually built strong positive traits into the very fiber of your being.

Faithful Ruth


– I have often been referred to, or called Faithful. If I’ve been given a responsibility I stay at it, even after the novelty and fun of that work has worn off. From Mom’s example and lectures I learned long ago, that if I start something, or if I make a promise I need to stay with it until it is done, and I am to do it with all my might. If I should have to break my neck in trying to keep a promise – so be it!

As you can imagine, I’ve learned to hesitate to make any promise unless I’m willing to accept that risk to my neck.

It would be a little complicated to explain, and I don’t want to put others down, but there have been times when people wanted to give one of my “jobs” to someone else, and I didn’t take very kindly to that.

Even when God wanted me to move back home to care for my parents, I was loath to quit my one paying job and a bunch of volunteer positions in the church. I had to pray about it for two years before I was willing to say God had a change in mind for me and I would have to resign from those positions.

Some promises have cost me a lot of my own personal time, that I really was intending to give to something else, but a promise is a promise, and I don’t know any other way around it but to keep that promise before I move on.

Tenderhearted Ruth


– Being sensitive in spirit and easily moved to tears is rather embarrassing. Or, it was in my earlier years. It seemed that my only safe place was to work with children and to stay away from adults who might say something to make me cry.

I usually read novels in private for the same reason. If anything bad happened to my favourite characters I was soon weeping for them.

However, gradually, as I’ve grown up more and taken on more and more adult responsibilities, I’ve come to see that being so easily emotional, or tender of heart, is a good thing. It means I’m more sensitive and understanding when I meet others who have serious problems. If a friend is sad or grieving, it is really appreciated if I cry with them.

This seems to be an inherited trait. I’ve observed that Dad would easily get choked up when talking about spiritual things. That was his tender spot. His sister, my Aunt Helena, was like that too. Even just talking about her family members would get her choked up and her voice would change so that I knew tears were welling up.

I’ve spotted other relatives, mostly on Dad’s side of the family, who are like that too. Some have learned to put on a crust over their emotions, so that this tenderhearted side doesn’t show up so easily. I guess they are embarrassed about it too.

However, I’ve come to appreciate and accept that this is a good trait to have. I would rather be compassionate and tenderhearted towards those in need, and easily aware of the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, than to be hard-hearted and tough-skinned. So now, if someone sees me tear-up or wipe away a tear – I let them look away. That’s their problem. I don’t like to use tears to manipulate people, but if and when they come – I let ’em! As long as I have a clear conscience, I don’t need to be ashamed of my tears.

Wholehearted Ruth


– this trait would seem to be closely related to being responsible. However, a person can be responsible and brooding with bitterness in their heart because they feel others have it easier, or because they are convinced someone else has placed responsibilities on them that they really didn’t want or ask for.

A wholehearted person, on the other hand, takes on responsibilities willingly, cheerfully. They do not complain about their work. They choose it!

Do you know the story of Rebecca in the Bible? Now she was wholehearted! At least when she was young; (later on she was rather deceptive and I don’t want to emulate her in that). I’m talking about when Abraham sent his chief servant to go back to his former homeland, and look for a bride for Isaac among their relatives.

That servant must have been a wise and godly man, for when he reached that area and stopped at a well, he prayed and asked God for a sign as to which girl should be Isaac’s wife. He asked that she offer to give him a drink of water, and also his camels. That’s what Rebecca did! She cheerfully obliged the man with a drink of water, and then offered to water his camels too. (We don’t know how many he had in his traveling group, but we know that camels can guzzle a lot of water, right?)

So when I am inclined to do more than was asked of me, and someone wonders why I would do that, I just say blithely, “Oh, I just decided to water your camels too.”

Loyal Ruth


– This talking about character traits is fun, but I think I’ll make loyalty the last one in this series of articles.

If I find out that you and I are related, I will be staunchly loyal to you. (Okay, if you did something terribly wicked and showed no sign of repentance, I might avoid you but I don’t know if I would disown as a relative.) If we have become friends, I will continue to think of you from time to time, and when I get around to sending letters (less often now), I will write to you even if you have not written to me in ages.

I don’t like to run after people and nag them to come back into a relationship. I make new friends easily enough so I don’t have to waste time to run after and twist arms of those who want to be rid of me. However, my heart is always open to let you back in!

As I did in the previous article, let me ask you this question:
What do you think? Would a faithful, tenderhearted, wholehearted, and loyal woman make good traits for a business woman?

Yes, for sure!

Do you have any hint of these traits in your life? If you think they are not very strong, do you think you could make some decisions that would strengthen them?

Take time to think and pray about this, and then with Jesus’ help decide to be faithful, tenderhearted, and loyal in your current situations of life. If you see a place where you could water someone’s camels too – go for it! You are going to be surprised at how much you enjoy that, and those who are aware you are doing this will also be pleasantly surprised!

If you are keen to go into an online business, let me assure you that you will do better if you develop these traits. Don’t worry about not inheriting them. You can develop these traits if you put your mind to it.

To go back to see the first three traits go here: Resourceful, Responsible, and Rejoicing Ruth

May I use six or seven words? Starting with, resourceful – responsible – rejoicing Ruth. Sorry, I just can’t come up with a single word to describe me.

Really, I’ve been trying to think of how to describe myself in a sum-up kind of way. It doesn’t work. That’s because as I’ve told some friends, I’m like a diamond or gemstone with many facets. Even I am sometimes surprised at the traits and interests that show up in my life. But here are some that my friends have used about me, and the ones I think help to define me.

Resourceful Ruth


– I thought it was just my quick mind and creative bent that has often helped me to find solutions to problems, or to turn something I have on hand to make something that I need. Then when I moved home to care for my parents in their old age, I observed that Dad was like this too. When he ran into a problem that puzzled him, he would stare at it and think for a while, and suddenly he would come up with a solution, using stuff he already had in his basement workshop, or the garden shed, or wherever.

Then I recalled Uncle John and his inventions, and realized that some other relatives were like this as well. So I believe I’ve inherited this trait, and being poor most of my life, I’ve had lots of opportunities to practice resourcefulness. Not just in fixing things around the house, but also in teaching myself how to do all the things I now know to do on the computer and on the internet.

Resourceful. Yes, I like that about myself. A wonderfully versatile trait to have!

Ruth the Responsible One


– I’ve even written a brochure about this trait. As the oldest of five siblings, with a sickly mother most of our lives, I’ve had to be responsible for them, and grow up so fast I missed some of my childhood years.

On top of that Mom always reminded me to finish whatever I started. I took a lot of responsibility on when growing up, but now I see that it has carried over to other parts of my life. Any roles that I took on in church or on my jobs – well, I soon took ownership and made sure that my work was done better than expected, and if I spotted anything that needed doing, if no one else was doing it, I’d take it on too.

It never occurred to me to use this word to describe myself, until just a few years ago, I was at a missions conference in another place. I met a woman who was a professional counsellor. She asked me about myself, and I cheerfully filled her in on some of the things I’d done, including going home to care for my parents until they died. Suddenly this woman said, “You’re always the Responsible One, aren’t you?”

I thought about that for a while and decided that yes, “The Responsible One” describes me to a T. Now I see it in my business life online too.


– Yes, I’m claiming this one as well! But for this one I think I have to give the Lord the credit for it. Whether sick or somewhat better, Mom was always the serious worry wart. She expected things to go wrong. Dad was basically more cheerful, but being sensitive to Mom’s cloudy moods, often was dampened. I am also sensitive and was easily influenced by others’ moods.

However, I had learned, during my 12 years in London, Ontario, to lean on the Lord for anything that upset or frightened me, and He had helped me so often that I had become a fairly cheerful, happy person. That rejoicing trait was severely tested and tried while caring for Mom, so more and more I was able to bounce back up when brought emotionally low.

Now, living alone again for the past 10-11 years, I am glad to say that rejoicing in the Lord has become a dominant and constant state for me. I don’t have a funny bone, like two of my siblings, who easily spot puns and funny things. Instead, I have a wonderful confidence in my loving Heavenly Father, and dear Lord Jesus. God loves me and watches over me, and nothing happens to me but that He has allowed it for a good reason.

If you are sure – with all your being – that you are loved – it does wonders for filling you with joy and peace, doesn’t it?

I have about four more words, but let’s pause to consider a question.

What do you think? Would a resourceful, responsible and rejoicing woman make good traits for a business woman?

Yes, I think so too.

Do you have any hint of these traits in your life? If you think they are not very strong, do you think you could make some decisions that would strengthen them?

I agree. Simply watch for situations where you can deliberately be resourceful, responsible and rejoicing in the Lord. After each instance, you will be stronger in that trait. You might still forget some days, but keep trying and (hint: keep asking the Lord to help you too) and with time YOU will be known for these characteristics too!

To see the next four traits go to: Faithful-Tenderhearted-Wholehearted-Loyal

The Power of Words

We’ll need to understand the Power of Words if we want to do business by godly principles. The book of Proverbs is full of instructions to listen to advice, over-look insults, give honest testimony, and to speak healing, truthful words. Well these five verses seem to sum a whole bunch of principles regarding the power of words in our daily lives and relationships.

We don’t want to be a fool, right? So we need to be willing to listen to advice, and not show annoyance – rather to overlook an insult.

In fact, while we want to speak the truth and deal honestly ourselves, we need to be alert to the lies that will pierce us like a cruel weapon.

But hey, besides avoiding evil, let’s remember that we have the power of words; we can speak HEALING WORDS as well! (Notice that line that says, “…but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”)

Let’s pause there a moment. Do we know HOW to speak healing words? Our parents may have taught us to speak politely, but who will teach us to speak healing words?

God’s Word says right there, that the tongue of the wise brings healing. It would seem then that we must follow the Bible’s instructions for becoming wise – then, we may count on the healing words to flow from our tongue easily.

Notice too, that truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Do you want a long and happy life? Stick to the truth and chances are great that you’ll get to live a long time. Even eternity if we trust in Christ to pay our sentence for sin.

Don’t you like that line: “Joy for those who promote peace.”? That’s what I want to do!

So in my business dealings I need to apply these principles by;
listening to advice,
overlooking insults,
give honest testimony,
make my tongue speak healing,
make my lips speak truthfully – to last,
and promote peace – and receive joy.

Does this give you an agenda too, for using the power of words wisely?

This past weekend I had my first Amazon sale! To understand what that means I need to share the very beginning of my eCommerce learning curve.

The earliest stages of eCommerce involve learning to sell on eBay and or Amazon. Some people have sold on eBay off and on for years. So this is an easy transition for them. In my own case, I had tried to sell my family history book a number of years ago, and it did not sell, so I gave up.

Well… I did cross-link my eBay items on Bonanza, and one item sold there.

But last year I tried again, with about 8 or 10 items to begin with, and it was slow going. Then I heard that eBay is like doing garage sale-ing compared to Amazon where things go highway-fast and you need to behave in a more professional manner. Sales can happen in fast multiples! So… I talked to my brother who has a collection of models he’d like to sell. He’s stuck in a wheelchair and technical stuff zooms over his head. He thought about it a while, and then agreed to let me try this.

I had not really thought through the fact that the commitment I’d made to write a history book for a non-profit ministry was going to eat so much of my time this year. So after a few weeks I said to my brother that I would have to give this up until my book project was done. However, I’d leave up on eBay and Amazon his items that I had listed.

Then I just sort of ignored my eCommerce Learning Curve for a few months. I almost forgot those items.

Then, out of the blue on Saturday I got an amazon email saying, “You made a sale! Here’s your next steps. . ..” Wow, my first Amazon sale!

Fortunately their instructions were easy.


What sold was a small red diecast model Ford Galaxie 500. I packed it up. Printed out the mailing label, and taped it over the box.

Sunday after church I took it to a postal outlet and sent it off. (Though I knew it wouldn’t really get on the way until early Monday morning). The next step was to report it as shipped to Amazon. I guess I can go back again and thank the customer… but this is not that hard.

Besides, I’ve learned in the meantime, more about how to use social media to advertise and alert people to the items for sale. I will certainly do more of that once I have more time for it.

Hey, I’ve made my first Amazon sale! and that without advertising… When I can dedicate more time and use that marketing information, I should do much better and keep climbing steadily on my eCommerce Learning Curve.

Say… if you are ready (and have the time) to start on your own eCommerce Learning Curve, I recommend you see this video to see what it would take and what tools are available to you HERE

My office nook shows me to be a book lover

You’re the Book lover in your house? That is most of them are yours, and you don’t let anyone else clean them up – or get rid of them – even though you know that you have more books than you really need or can handle?

Crazy, isn’t it? These books were our treasures at one time, but we never get around to looking in them any more. Someone else could enjoy them, but…. well, we don’t want to throw them in the garbage! That would be cruel! So you are a hoarding Book lover, eh?

However, it might soothe your book-friendly spirit, if you could learn how to sell those books to someone else who is craving them, and willing to pay a handsome price for it.

There is a couple that have a webinar course, in which they show you how to discover your most marketable books, how to clean and refresh the books so they look as new and appealing as possible, and where to sell them online, where you can make 10 times, or 100 times, or EVEN MORE of what a used book is usually thought to be worth!

I confess, I’ve been a book hoarder all my life. A very possessive book lover. The above describes me to a T!

When I was a child and was given ten cents by my visiting grandpa, I made the mistake of spending it on an ice cream cone. A week or so later I realized that I could have bought a book in the store next-door for that same ten cents. From that day on I’ve been very careful to spend my money on books or tangible things like that, rather than snack food that will be through my body in 24 hours or less.

For many years I couldn’t afford to buy books, but I found a number of ways to get them, including being a book reviewer. Then, after my Dad died, I inherited, not only all the books my parents had had for years, but also those my sisters had left there. Suddenly I had enough books to fill all the shelves along the longest wall in my new home. Still, I looked at those books last year, and realized that I truly didn’t NEED or WANT all of them. Now, how to get rid of them, without offending my ‘love of books’ generally?

Well, the Book Boss course has the answers! It just came out in September of 2016.

Derrick’s main secret is to sell them through Amazon. He gets giddy when he talks about making 5000% return on his investment! He has gone around to various places to buy whole boxes and pallets of used books at fire sale prices. His garage is constantly full, and he keeps selling like crazy!

I happen to have an agreement to write a history book for a non-profit charity, and I know I need to finish that project first before I can jump into selling books like Derrick. But I know this is right up my alley. Writing and selling books is a dream lifestyle for me! I can hardly wait to start!

If you feel the same way, you want to check this out and consider this as a new part-time or full-time career as a Book Boss on your own terms; Book BOSS Course

after seeing INFINii video

Here you are, after seeing the INFINii Video, right?

INFINii (Video) has everything you need to sell like hot cakes!

Oops, what INFINii video? You missed it? Go see it here; and I’ll wait for you: INFINii (It’s not terribly long).

You’ve seen it? Great.

Okay, we’re ready to discuss the INFINii video you just watched.

It starts with three testimonials from people making a lot of money.

The black woman with the shopping cart said she’s making lots of money, and loves it.

They are just 3 of thousands of INFINii members doing surprisingly well with this business model. e-Commerce, buying and selling online – quite often using drop-shipping.

Then you heard the voice of Kevin Hokama, who is one of the owners of the company. (He was for many years in the US Forces, and developed this kind of eCommerce online on the side. Now he’s retired to Japan, and makes a good instructor for how this all works).

Kevin explains two basic ways to sell online; dropshipping/selling on eBay, and shopping/then selling on Amazon.

In fact, INFINii provides training and software for a number of more advanced methods, but these simple ideas are introduced to newcomers. You can, if you want to take advantage of the more advances strategies to become a big retailer online. You have some wonderful surprises ahead if you decide to join!

I hope you do! OK, only if this really appeals to you and you are prepared to work it. (You would only be miserable if I twisted your arm and MADE you do it).

Some folks are too dense or scatter-brained and have no self-discipline. I can’t imagine them doing well. Sorry, I trust you’re not one of them. 🙂

INFINii has the software, tools, and training to make this possible, but you have to bring some brains and willpower to the table.

It looks fast and easy when Kevin does it in the INFINii video, and he says it takes only 30-40 seconds. but that is after you have done it long enough to be fast. Maybe others are so quick from the word GO, but I’m not there yet.

At the beginning it took a longer time as I researched each product to make sure it will bring a profit. There are also extra steps at the beginning for what they call “Internationals.” That’s those of us who live in Canada, or any other country outside of the USA.

I’ll write more on to the fees and, the question the INFINii video may have raised in your mind: is this really worth that much? Stay tuned. 🙂

Just for fun go to the main entrance to the INFINii website.

You get a sense of the global situation with e-Commerce surpassing the traditional local stores. And that big changing number? That’s how much business this company has done already! Impressive, eh?

Are you READY right now?

Well, sure you can sign up immediately: Just click the BIG YELLOW BUTTON UNDER THE VIDEO. INFINii

4 stages of a successful marketer? What are they?

4 stages successful marketer

I’ve just listened to a video where a man, Rob Fore, who has a downline of over 10,000 shared about the Four Stages or Levels in operating a multi-level marketing. You may already know most of this; I thought I did too, but hearing Rob explain the progression from one level to another is quite helpful. I always find it useful to keep the BIG PICTURE of my plan in mind, while I’m working on the individual, or current part. Therefore, I found these 4 stages of a marketer quite interesting.

Stage/Level 1 – This is where we are still learning to market our business – which we must remember involves P E O P L E. We need to find, recruit and persuade people to join us in our business. We must memorize our scripts until talking to people comes naturally to us, and we’ll have to put in lots of hours. Of course, you are working on a Brand of YOU, that attracts people to follow you.

How long do we stay at this first of 4 stages of a marketer? Rob said when you have recruited 24 people and through them a downline of about 200 you will feel like you’ve been through Basic Training.

Stage/Level 2 – Your Brand of YOU is getting known and recognized! So about half the time you are still looking for p e o p l e and recruiting, and the other half the time, potential team members are coming to ask you if they can follow and join you. By now you should have an effective personal blog, reaching your targeted niche, and you should be leveraging your time and skills so that you are still signing up 2-4 people a week, but now it doesn’t take so long. Your work load is much easier in the 2nd of the 4 stages of a marketer!

Stage/Level 3 – Here the skating is much, MUCH easier! About 90% of the people who come to you, are attracted to you and begging to join under YOU. People have come to know and like and TRUST you. They see you succeeding and they want to hang on and ride the gravy train with you. By this stage of the 4 stages of a marketer you are a mentor and trainer. Signing up new people just – comes naturally! In fact, you will probably work less than 10 hours a week to get the results you got in Level 1. Sounds nice, eh? The work of your downline is now blessing you, and causing you to prosper.

Stage/Level 4 – Rob said that when you get to this level you will KNOW that you have as much financial freedom as you want. Most people who get to this stage start investing their money and let IT do all the work for you. You may still appear to be in your multi-level Business, but you may just be going through the motions. Ah, I understand! That’s because now you can focus on the things you wanted to do all along and for which reason you were working your business. This is why you went through the 4 stages of a marketer.

In my case, I want to go visit missionaries and ministries and see what kind of money they really need. (I know how handicapped they all seem to be for lack of funds). And if I really get some free time at last …. well, I have some books in my head that I should write!

Learn more details about the Stages of a Successful Marketer: Click here to Take the 10 Day Trial at MLSP for $9.99

preferred business model

What’s your preferred business model? Do you find yourself dithering over whether you will do better in eCommerce – that is selling stuff online – or building a multi-level marketing team – OR – are you a clever money-handler?

I’ve got news for you! INFINii has all these, plus more business models are added every few months. If you become an INFINii member you will have the opportunity to work in all three. Just pick or use your preferred business model, or dabble in all three until you find your most profitable area to specialize in.

When I first signed up, it was the idea of learning to do fairly automated drop-ship selling online that I expected to be doing. And I am working at it, (although, because of an unusual collectors stock sort’a put into my hands, I’m doing most of my work manually there).

Then INFNii began to introduce their Partner Plus Plan. Whow-he-e! So much more money is possible just for recruiting others to become active members of INFINii! I’m not so good at rattling numbers of fast and accurately, but the one that inspires me as a goal is to learn $50,000 a month…. That’s becoming my intermediary goal. Never mind that there are much higher numbers further along!

You know, I think this will become my preferred business model. For the time-being, I’m giving time to both of them.

But here it is July 14, 2016, and I’ve just learned that our fearless and very talented INFINii owners have been testing another business model for more than six months. It is carefully monitored and automated, but each one can choose whether you want the system to remember you like “low risk” or “medium risk” or whoa! “high risk”.

Honestly. I must tell you that I’m too chicken to try this business model. It sounds so safe with all their precautions and thoroughness – that causes me to think it is safe to recommend to others. (Who knows, I may even try it one day). But oh, I do beg you to be wise and cautious if this proves to be your preferred business model. I’d hate to have you turn into a foolish gambler . . .! Please don’t do that!

Still, it seems only fair to let you know that signing up with INFINii gives you a smorgasbord of business models to choose from. If you are quite new to online businesses, I would recommend signing up for Prime at first. You can upgrade to Surge or Excel when you grow to those levels. If you like recruiting (and Kevin does a fine job of showing us how to do this easily online), then you will want to sign up for the Partner Plus business too. And… yes, if you think you can be SAFE handling financial trading, then you could sign up for Signal Forge – all from the same link.

Note: You can sign up for Signal Forge alone if you don’t care for the rest, but if you do that, you will sign up as a non-member for $199 US. IF – you choose membership and one of the other models first, then Signal Forge will only cost $99/month.

How often are you giving away your email list? Do you even notice when you do it?

I’ve learned long ago not to ever send an email to EVERYONE in the address book of my email program. It is not just our immediate family and closest friends in there. Especially if you use an email program like Outlook or Outlook Express, because it captures the email of every piece of spam that comes in to you too.

cute kittens

Or those forwards that a friend sent you? Really cute picture, or an inspirational article. But it may have been a spammer who set that in motion and urged everyone to send it to their friends. They knew something you didn’t; that their email would end up in your address book and next time you send out a forward, they would get a copy –

AND LO AND BEHOLD, they would be able to see ALL your emails in your Address book! What a harvest for their next mailing!

inspirational email list

Nor do they stick to cute kittens and inspirational stories. They use their mailing list to SELL whatever they are selling, or to lure innocent people to sites they should NOT be visiting.

Avoid Giving Away Your Email List

Here’s a little etiquette rule or two to keep you safe;

inbox full of unwanted emails because of your email list

1. Respect the Privacy of all the people you correspond with. As you have discovered, you can enter one email address after another, and if you use a comma or a space after them, the system WILL send you email to each of them. Don’t do that! Consider that a great rudeness, for you expose your family and friends to others, who may not have the manners to keep from claiming those addresses for their address book. Tell yourself that it undressing your loved ones to strangers! Horrors!

2. When to Send Carbon Copy. Sometimes in some situations you do want to write the same message to two or more people. You want them to know that you are sending a copy to the other person. Therefore, you use the line that says CC. or Cc. which stands for ‘carbon copy.’ This is proper etiquette if you are sending a notice or reminder to all the members of a committee. Or if you are negotiating between two parties and you don’t want the one party to think the other party is getting some extra secret information, so to be totally open and above board, you send both of them the exact same email. You prove it by entering both their emails in the CC field.

3. When to Send Blind Carbon Copy. There are other situations though, where you as a secretary may be responding to someone else on behalf of your boss. But your boss needs to know what you wrote in his name, so he should get a copy of that email, but not necessarily the recipient of it. So then you use the line, or change the choice to B.C. or Bcc. which stands for Blind Carbon Copy. That means, there is a carbon copy, but not openly acknowledged.

Obviously, this feature can be misused when people are not honest and honourable in all their dealings with people. Which brings me to another strong and main etiquette rule when it comes to emails. Be careful what you write in every email. Simply because someone else could be seeing your words and if that should embarrass you, you may have great trouble!

Not only might someone be sending someone else B.cc. of emails to you, they might be forwarding them too, and you would never know.

Always mind your manners in your emails. You never know when they can be used against you!

Don’t jeopardize your friends’ emails by showing them opening in forwards. In fact, don’t send forwards unless truly necessary, and only to selected people. Not everyone in your address book.

Get a brand new email – If you get a lot of junk mail and spam, and abide by the above rules.
You’ll be surprised for how long your Inbox will seem very quiet and tame.

Remind me to tell you some other time about using a number of emails to filter your correspondence, so if one ends up on a spammer’s list, you don’t have to start your online life all over again!

So how is your website business?

Is it making the kind of income you had expected?

Is it taking longer than you thought?

Guess what; I know a new way to monetize your web business. There’s a special new network opening up for solopreneurs – and it is free to sign up! It’s called Trafeze, and the idea is that you can connect with some niche sites owned by solopreneurs who have heaps of traffic coming in, and they are willing to make private deals with business people who want to advertise where the right kind of potential customers hang out.

The network, Trafeze, is free to join, but you’ll have to work out your own fair deals with the niche site owners who have the appropriate traffic you want to connect with.

How do I know about this? Well, I’m an SBI member, and our fearless leader and CEO, Ken Evoy, is always coming up with brilliant ideas that benefit a lot of us. There are truly a lot of SBI members whose sites attract over 5000 visitors a day! They are not totally content with AdSense or affiliate ads, and open to private deals with advertisers. Ken has promised that his staff will screen them carefully before we even get to talk to these potential advertisers, but the SBI owners will benefit, and so will YOU, if you are a business person ready to advertise on a niche site that fits perfectly with your product(s).

In a way it’s a bit like that Uber taxi alternative. An unofficial setup that benefits both drivers and passengers, and eschews a lot of red tape.

You can sign up here, either as a Traffic Buyer or a Traffic Supplier: https://trafeze.com.

I can sure see the value of this, but my best SBI site doesn’t reach the 5000 visitors a day mark, so I can’t go active just yet. I have signed up though and will watch for when I can get a match-up or two!

Say, you’ll want to see the Trafeze blog and discover what others are saying about this;

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