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April Boyer - a freelance writer, known to some who love her as Gramma Apple, uses her site to bring Inspiration Seeds for YOUR Writing, Christian Writer's Encouragement, Helps, and Services. Whether you are a wanna be writer, or an editor looking for an inspirational writer and conscientious copy-editor, you'll enjoy meeting April Boyer from Ohio (apple country). - Are you looking for more information on things "heavenly"? Maybe the things you've heard and read don't all make sense, or seem confusing. Do they make you feel 'Dazed'? This site doesn't pretend to have ALL the answers, but can answer some, and point you to God's Word, the Bible for the ultimate answers. It also has lots of stories of angel encounters and miracles.

Just Good Cooking - Offering "old" cookbooks as e-books; some are over 100 years old, and difficult to get any other way. There's also a free membership area to exchange favourite recipes.

Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan - the official site of MHSS offering lots of archived information, and opportunities to show family histories and genealogies. - The Mountain Man makes rustic log beds, computer desks, rails for decks, pool cue racks, rustic log art frames, candle assessories, and whatever you might suggest is quite possible. These are not imitation, but real, beautiful log furniture that will become heirlooms in your family. Each piece is original, custom-built for you. Just see it! to spark your imagination.

Locked in with Honor and Shame? Unlock the Door with this book.

Can a Muslim become a Christian? Meet the Man from Gedara.

More Imagination Thank You Can Handle? Acts-on-the-Net has my story on it, and could use yours too!

Take time for a Bible Minute! Fresh every day.

Let Elisabeth Elliot, a mature, godly woman, encourage and teach you and me, through a short daily devotional

Want the REAL prolife news, not slanted by the media? LifeSite

Is Honor and Shame an issue? Unlock the Door - and go out.

Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia? Do you know someone who does? This book could HELP take away the PAIN

Like to help out sick and dying children? This woman lists them, with photos and suggests what kind of emails or gifts would be most appropriate. If you have a site, put up banners to take people to Hugs and Hope.

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