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How Do I Pick the Right Web Host?

I have experienced four different web hosts, and I tell you they are different! Even though the copy on their sites that touts all they offer may sound the same, and the prices be generally the same, the service you get is another story. It pays to shop around and make the first move very carefully, weighing all the pros and cons - because moving a site to another host is fraught with problems you never dreamed of! It can be easy sometimes, but there are no guarantees!

"You owe it to yourself to compare any small business Web host against the next-generation hosting service called Site Build It! Use Choose It!, free, to...

a) List all hosts you might be considering.

b) Enter your own factors, weighting them according to your own situation.

c) Score how well each host meets each factor.

It's like magic! A complex question is reduced to bar graph answers. No, there are no tricks involved. This really will help you find the best host FOR YOU, and if it's not SBI!, Choose It! will tell you.

And here's what is really neat about Choose It!. People use it to solve all kinds of other questions from business to romantic questions to vacation destination! Try it."

People have used Choose It! to..

* decide upon important strategic business directions

* select career paths for their adult children

* decide upon vacation destinations, and even to...

* make the monumental decision about what to have for lunch (bacon sandwich or cheese sandwich or bacon AND cheese!).

So in fact, you can come back any time you have a dilemna on your hands, and spread out your options, and the factors that are important to you, and let ChooseIt do the tallying and show you which option wins.

In the end, it really helps you decide with you having to scribble and compare this and compare that, and then discover you left out a factor or two and need to start over.

Where? How?

Try it out using the example and expanding on it, on this page
ChooseIt The "weigher of Pros and Cons."

Everything you do with Choose It! happens on your computer, through your browser. Choose It! never "talks" to my computer, so I have no way of knowing what question you ask, nor can I know what possible answers or factors you enter, nor can I know the answers that you receive.

In other words, Choose It! is totally private. Of course...

I never reveal any information about our visitors, customers, or affiliates to any third party from my sites or any part of the family of sites. In the case of Choose It!, that level of privacy goes one step further, because your interaction with Choose It! is strictly between you and Choose It!.

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