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Third Rate Exchanges Killing YOUR Success

(A Guest Article by Doug Williams,
reprinted with his permission, from his Feb.11, 2005
email to Clickaholics Members)

Since it`s early in 2005, I would like to share a perspective many of you may not have considered, and in my opinion, you really need to consider this info carefully.

I know many of you are less than happy with our policy to deny a lot of the `Doubler`, `Pay-it-Forward`, `High Yield Investments`and other bogus `get rich quick` ponzi like programs.

Another concept I`ve been rejecting is based on the `Australian Two Up`system. This type of program may offer it as a `1` `2` `3` UP and so on. Essentially this is a system where someone you sponsor/refer to a program pays to join and the commission rolls past you to an upline sponsor. This program design has been illegal for years in the real world and are not to be construed as legal today just because they are being presented on the Internet.


One thing you should pay REAL CLOSE attention to if you live or do business over the Internet in North America.


A lot of the program types listed above are running from off shore locations. An example in point is the program `RealityMillions.` This is a person that wants your money to supposedly make you rich, BUT he doesn`t even tell you his name. Make some money maybe, but most will LOSE their money.

Those fortunate few that do make money will be awarded a bonus from this program experience when your Federal tax man seizes all of your assets to cover the monies transacted without any tax deductions being deducted at source.

WHY am I convinced this is rapidly approaching our Internet experience?

1] US and Canadian authorities may have their differences, but when it comes to Internet crime, they are teaming up, no holds barred.

Over the last year these `unified agencies` have busted dozens of large to huge Child Porn rings in Europe, Australia, Canada, the US and several other countries. Most of these investigations were initiated from a special Internet Crime unit located in Toronto, Canada.

2] In the last year, Both Canada and US authorities have busted numerous `scam` programs in their respective countries.

3] And this one is the BIGGY! In a joint effort, US and Canadian authorities busted two large rings operating on both sides of the border, one was centered in Oakville just outside of Toronto, the other was Montreal.

Both of these busts related to telephone/Internet activity using `credit assistant` and/or `Investment` opportunities to gain trust and obtain personal information on credit status and the ripoffs that followed.

REALIZE these government agencies do not consider you the victim as much as they consider themselves the victim. These fringe and outright illegal programs irritate all kinds of government agencies you shouldn`t be messing with; - State, Provincial & Federal Securities Commissions - State, Provincial & Federal Income Tax Issues - State, Provincial, Federal & International Money Laundering Laws.

The list does go on, but you must be getting the drift by now. Government agencies are a lot like business in respect to their choices of who to nail for the MONEY.

Government people ALWAYS FOLLOW the MONEY! And they ALWAYS GET their MONEY!

If they cannot get the money from the initial source, they will get the money from whoever they believe has all or some of the money and that can be connected to the original source of the alleged crime.

Made some `fast easy money` lately? Maybe they`ll show up at your bank or front door sometime in the near future.

So you plan to say with all sincerity, "I didn`t Know it was illegal?"

GUESS WHAT! In both Canada AND the United States, claiming `ignorance` of participating in a criminal act is no defense.

Oh, not likely you`ll ever go to jail, these are `white collar` crimes, you`re most like just going to loose money, Lotsa MONEY! Lawyers fees, fines, you know, the `fun` stuff.

So why am I mentioning this stuff in relevance to "Third Rate Exchanges killing YOUR Success?"

Believe it or not, most CyberCitizens make serious efforts to stay clear of these type of activities, porn, scams, ponzis, etc.

Far too many exchanges could care less what appears on their exchanges, as long as something appears. Pay attention when you`re surfing, what is it you mostly see, legitimate programs or these "million dollars in a few weeks` or, `get rich doing nothing`.

Refer people to this kind of environment and they do NOT STAY. Those that do stay are usually promoting some other kind of scam.

Less and LESS quality people stay as active participants in these exchanges. Exchanges are slowly being taken over by weak minded wealth seekers and con artists.

As a serious netmarketer, you MUST help to turn the industry back to a functional, effective tool.

Register your concern with your favorite exchange owners, boycott those exchanges that fail to improve the content being shown on their programs.

Since launching TsunamiGOLD we have refused to approve any of these types of programs. On ViralVisitors, ClickAholics, ViralClassAds and LemmingRun, we are denying any of these programs submissions. Gradually all of the `fringe` and outright illegal programs are being expunged from our databases.

Join with me in `Taking BACK` our interests and our individual business growth.

The Net will be controlled by Netizen`s using self-governed controls or legislated by government laws.

Which way would you prefer to see these changes implemented?

Doug Williams is the Founder & Owner of 3STEP, and MoneyLegs & 5 Traffic Generating Programs:
Viral Visitors, Viral Class Ads, Clickaholics, LemmingRun, and TsuanmiGOLD (Yes, BEFORE the December 26 tragedy).

I say, BRAVO, Doug! I admire a man of integrity.
Later update: Doug passed away a few years ago.

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