Azaleas' Christian Web-Hosting

Azaleas' Christian web-hosting for your small business is offered here at very economical rates. This is with the understanding that when you start an online business you often have a learning curve that eats up the first months, and even years sometimes, when you are learning the ways and means, but are not making enough to show much profit.

That is, I offer hosting that is affordable and grows as your success does, not before. The less extra work your site makes for me, the lower the price stays. When it increases in size and in efforts required, it is time to increase rates too.

I have a special heart for those who are setting up a small web site of their own, often for the first time, because I've been there. I can identify with your struggles.

If you need to get a domain name first, I offer a domain registration service too; Bouquet of Enterprises Domains (Thru Orderbox at the Reseller Club). Domains can be transferred from another Registrar there too.

Your next stop is to come here for your hosting package for your site.

Azaleas' Christian Web-Hosting Plans

A Small Starter Site

The Basic at $12/year - gives you 100 MB of space and 1000 MB of bandwidth/month (that's easily room for 50 to 75 web pages and average traffic).

Growing, Flourishing Site

The Double at $24/year - gives you 200 MB of space and 2000 MB of bandwidth/month (that's room for about 600+ web pages or LOTS of photos, etc.)

Strong, Stable Incorporation!

The Bouquet at $52/year - gives you 500 MB of space and 2000 MB of bandwidth/month. (If it's not enough - just ask, I can create one especially for you).

If any customer's site becomes demanding and time-consuming for me as Host, the fee becomes monthly. i.e. 12 x $12 =$144.

Three sizes and bandwidths with three comfortable prices. All have the same services, limited by the package size;
Unlimited Emails,
Unlimited Email mailng lists
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited SQL databases
Unlimited Sub-domains

I recommend you pay by the year, and relax, no monthly payment hassles. However, you can choose monthly and quarterly payment plans too. Use PayPal, or send it in by mail.

[Unlimited IS limited by the amount of space you have. When you fill 100 MB in Basic, for example, it is time to upgrade to a larger package, but most beginners barely use 1 MB of space. On the other hand, if you add a dozen emails and keep them busy, your quota will be reached more quickly].

You are welcome to check out hosting packages elsewhere, including HostGator from where I get my much appreciated hosting package that more than meets my needs for all my websites. But if you want to be part of my little Flock - Go to Reach Ruth to let me know you want to sign up!

If you wish to get a hosting package directly from HostGator, I can recommend them highly. They are excellent for speed and thoroughness of service, and are winning accolades and awards all the time.

I'm here to offer a service to small first-time site owners, and I'm partial to authors, and missions and non-profit ministries that need a helping hand.

Once you have built your website, you will want an autoresponder and mailing list service. TrafficWave allows you to set up as many of them as you want and has a very reliable, stable service. Just click this banner below to go there and check it out.

Email Marketing

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
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