I've tried quite a number of classified ads sites myself. Here is the one I recommend for your promotional campaigns:

AdlandPro World's Classifieds
Get Linked from 49,000 + sites with one click.

AdlandPro has really expanded since I joined in June of 2001. At that time I saw it mainly as a chance to place classified ads, and a newsletter where members writing in were quoted quite liberally. Sometimes I learned from those exchanges. It was like a forum by email. But then I got busy with my web design projects, and slacked off on promotion, and sort of forgot. Although I did hear of and try out various features as they came up.

Like, the classifieds page script I could put on my site, and the traffic exchange start up page. (I gave up that whole genre, surfing for traffic, when I switched to Linux, but I still have the classifieds page, and the traffic exchange start up page live).

Bogdan, the owner, started an active community where you can post all kinds of things about yourself, your links that you want to market, and forums were set up, and the place just got very busy. I haven't had time to keep up with the socializing there, I'm afraid.

Then they added photos of those who were currently online at the site. Well, my photo gets turns too, and whoosh, suddenly my inbox was flooded with invitations to "Be their Friend." I would go check out their profile and click approval, because of course I'm not likely to turn down a friend, am I?

I have too many layers and other departments in my life to have time for that aspect of AdlandPro. However, I decided it was time I went to look over what the site offers, and what exactly it takes to benefit from all this.

There are six folder tabs across the top and each one is like a complete sub-set of the site; Classifieds, Advertisers, Affiliate$, Networking, Learning, My Account. Wow! Is this a department store for marketers and advertisers, or what?

I'll summarize a few of them. As a member:


You can do the following at no cost to you:
1. Place your free ads in the classifieds and community pages ($2.50 value)
2. Place your free ads in the Free Traffic Exchange (120,000 users) ($2.50 value )
3. Free subscription to our "Adland Digest" Newsletter ($5.00 per month value)
4. Obtain free leads for your business using the community system ($5-$10 per lead value)
5. Earn big money with the affiliate program (up to $10,000/month)
6. Participate in discussions to learn more about marketing and promotions through the Adland Digest ($5.00 per month value)


Free members can use free class ads, traffic exchange, community advertising, text/banner ads can be earned or paid for, and there are additional paid services available. I have found that people do see these ads. At least, I get an email each time, so I can track that. But they do have to be renewed if you want them to stay up there past 30 days. (Unless you upgrade to Gold Member, of course).

Free Affiliates get;

Unlimited number of ads per month to everybody who joins the affiliate program.
It is fast, easy and totally free to become an affiliate. As a member of the program you will have all the benefits of a free member, and get additional benefits.

    * Get paid up to 25% commissions
    * Earn traffic credits
    * Get your ad displayed on the top of the site's pages
    * Get statistics on performance of your ads
    * Free promotional tools
    * Earn up to $1 from one click from displaying the pay per click results.

As a gold member, you will get all adlandpro services for Free contained in one easily manageable package. (see the site for that long list!).


Be one of the 41,434 affiliates and get paid for your link to AdlandPro, Earn up to $1 from a click by displaying results of the Pay-Per Click Advertisers. You can earn 20%-25% commission on each service sold at AdlandPro and get an extra exposure for your ad, when you place link to AdlandPro with your special id. For each 1000 credits earned from traffic to AdlandPro, you will be paid bonus of $5 US and $2 US for each 1000 credits generated by affiliates you sponsored.


This is where all that community and inviting and accepting friends happens. The forums too. I'm getting the impression that getting involved here could fill up any lonely or bored person's day! Since I'm plenty busy already, I'm proceeding here with great caution.

I also see that a weak person could easily get drawn into all kinds of programs because every friend you make or person who approaches you has the right to advertise to you their links and programs that they want to market. If you work this like a level-headed business person, this could all work to your advantage. I just know that I can't quickly cancel everything else I've got going to hang out here, tempting though it might be.


Under this tab you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the ezines, and find 6 tutorial courses with lessons right online there. You read what you need and want to use.


This brings up another row of nine tabs where you can set what you wish for your ads, how you want them displayed, and where, and when, get access to your profile, free email, choose the marketing tools you want to use - and yes, pay for some.

My conclusion?

We don't need to take the WHOLE AdlandPro package. I can pick and choose, and change as my needs and interests change. But it does have stability and the prices are reasonable, especially considering that there are thousands of members already, and Bogdan Fiedur the Founder/CEO has been doing this since 1996.

I'm trying to take advantage of the services there more, now that I am getting products and reports ready to promote. Naturally, I'll toss in some links to the above programs too, as I have time on the side.

Links to AdlandPro

Now you're looking for these, right?

Here's your Invitation to come be one of MY Friends at AdlandPro (You'll understand if I don't show up there every day, or week though?


Here's my Adlandpro Classifieds page

To become an Affiliate with extra privileges That's the Gold Member status you see described on the site.

Ruth Marlene Friesen
Ruth Marlene Friesen
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